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If you are seeking finance on a leasehold Restaurant, Night Club, Hotel, Supermarket or Petrol Station but sourcing a suitable lender appears to be impossible, then contact us to discuss your case. We are paired with Lenders who have specialised in granting loans on Catering, Leisure and Retail businesses since 1995 and will probably be able to help!

They take a commercial view on all transactions and does not base lending decisions on the strength of P&L Accounts. They enlist the services of specialist business valuers who provide us with a real picture of the trading achievements of a business.



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  •  All Restaurants
  •  Brasseries
  •  Cafes
  •  Fast Food
  •  Sandwich Bars




  • Night Clubs
  •  Wine Bars
  •  Pubs
  •  Live Music Venues
  •  Gyms




  •  Supermarkets
  •  Petrol Stations
  •  Dry Cleaners
  •  Delicatessens
  •  Pharmacies




  • Boutique Hotels
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Guest Houses
  • City Hotels
  • Inns


Loan Application

To apply for this product, please follow the steps and fill out our simple application form. We will process your application and contact you with the lender options available. In some instances, lender may request proof of income.

In some instances, lender may request proof of income.

  • Why choose a Business Loan?
  • Loans from £25,000 to £1,000,000.
  • Buy a new Business
  • Grow your existing Business
  • Re-finance your Equipment
  • Consolidate your Debts
  • Refurbishments

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‘At this stage of your application, we would like to do a credit search. Sometimes information about you on the credit search can be linked to other people, like a spouse for example. As this application is for both of you, we consider information registered about both of you when approving your application, and false information may be recorded. Legally we need your permission to do a credit search, and the permission of anyone you have a financial link with. If you don’t have a financial link with anyone, then of course its only your permission we need. Do you give us permission?’
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Both we and any other broker or lender we deal with may contact you in the future offering you facilities which we or they feel may be of interest to you. Is this acceptable to you?
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